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Michael Webb - March 2014 Hair Salon Downtown Austin 5 Star

Great shop - I was well taken care of and got exactly the haircut I wanted! Very happy with my service.

B W Ter - February 2014 Hair Salon Central Austin Reviewed By BW TER get 5 stars

I went to see Janice to get a haircut, and she definitely delivered. She's friendly, experienced, and offers really good suggestions. I left feeling clean and professional, and will certainly go back to her. I highly recommend this salon.

Michael Mocharla - June 18, 2013 Hair Salon Austin Haircut review

Obviously, this is a haircut place so that is the most important. Janice knows how to cut hair. I am pretty indecisive on my haircuts and always end up settling for something because I don't want to ask the haircutter to do something over again, or to cut it a little shorter etc. I didn't have that problem this time because Janice wouldn't let me get out of the chair until I was fully satisfied. As for the haircut, it was my favorite haircut I have ever received. I usually take a few days to warm up to a haircut but I liked this one immediately. I have had haircutters rush through cutting my hair and leave patches that were uneven, but Janice took the time to check over everything to make sure it was all even. Long story short, best haircut I have ever gotten, Janice made sure I didn't leave her store less than completely satisfied with my haircut.

Elisa Donnell - July 2013 Haircut Review for Hair Salon in Austin Cut Loose

Janice cut my hair two weeks ago. I really enjoyed the experience. Not only did she do a great job coloring and styling my hair, she was a joy to talk with. She is as authentic as they come. She listens to you but can also direct and makes great suggestions if you are stuck and don't have any ideal of what it is that you want. Her philosophy is to cut hair based on your personality and ease of care. I love getting up out of bed and having to do "little to nothing" to my hair before I go to work. I took my daughter in today to get her hair cut before she went back to San Francisco. She was a godsend to take her at last minute. She did a fab. job on her hair. Really worth getting hair cuts from and Great prices for hair cuts and styles!

Holly Dieckert - July 2013 5 Star haircut review for Hair Salon Austin

I have walked by this bright, beautiful hair salon every morning for the past few years and had always thought I should give it a try. I was not expecting to find such a bright, beautiful hair stylist to go along with the salon! Janice is a joyful, energetic person and she is quite skilled at making you feel right at home in her cozy, tucked away salon. Even at 9 am on a Saturday morning, she made me feel as if I had known her for years, which is quite a feat that early on a weekend. She listened to my description of how much work I put into styling my long hair (zero minutes ;) ) and assured me she knew exactly what to do. She delivered effortlessly! My hair feels healthy and looks great. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for a beautiful cut from an experienced, kind hearted hair stylist! I look forward to getting my hair cut by her in the future!

Adam - Aug 13, 2012 Austin Hair Salon Get Another Review

It was with great fortune that I randomly stumbled upon this place as I was just idly walking down Guadeloupe one hot Texas day. I was in search of a special new unique cut and I could have stopped by a typical Supercuts down the street but I definitely would not have gotten the same personalized experience that I got here. Janice really knows her hair, she's been in this business for a long while and it clearly shows. We had a lot of fun just messing around with my hair giving it a unique look and I can tell she really enjoyed bringing out a unique style for my specific length and hair type. She is a joy to sit down and converse with. Overall it was a great experience. Janice definitely just gained a new regular customer! I absolutely recommend her for anyone seeking to breathe new life into their hair. Although her humble little business may be a little hard to spot, tucked quietly behind Food Heads she has a steady, loyal repeat customer base that keeps her busy. Walk-ins are welcomed but expect to come back later within the week as she is usually booked up. Be sure to capitalize on her $10 off google offer/yelp deal for new customers.

Whitney Ovalle - July 2012 Hair Salon Austin Gets ANother Review

Short and sweet review: used a groupon, asked for a certain length and cut, got back much more than I expected. Super happy with the results :D Long review: I found a groupon on Monday for the stylist Janice, but I had work and couldn't make it. So, I called and she told me when there'd be initially already off to a good start. Come Thursday it's time for the cut. I told her I wanted it cut right at the shoulders and that I wanted semi-short side bangs. She cut my hair at a perfect length, and she cut my bangs layered from the top and short. I was worried about having a dull and blah haircut, but the way she cut it was new, fun, and unexpected. My roommate (who is a guy) liked it so much that even he wants to get his haircut there. I know some of these reviews can sound too good to be true, but this is an honest and simple one. I just liked my haircut. Nothing extraordinary. Just a deliciously awesome haircut.

Sara ‎ - Mar 4, 2012 Cut Loose Hair Salon 5 Star Review

Janice is a savior! She is an amazing hair stylist and I am so glad I found her. I went to her with a rats nest of hair and came out with a beautiful new and stylish haircut that I never fathomed would be possible. I absolutely love my new look; it truly exceeds all other hair styles that I have ever had. I will definitely be a returning customer and recommend her to everyone!  

Marisa - Feb 22, 2012 CutLoose 5 Star Review

Janice does an amazing job cutting my hair! She listens attentively to what I want before every hair cut. She also offers very helpful suggestions to ensure a fabulous cut and style. She also really pays attention to the details. She has been around for years and is truly a pro at what she does. She clearly loves her job and cares about her clients. In the past when going to other stylists, my hair would look good right after being cut, but never look the same after. With Janice I get a style that stays looking great. I would definitely recommend her! Prices are also very reasonable- a big factor for me when choosing a salon. The salon is also super cute and in a centrally located spot!

Lauren - Feb 7, 2012 Austin Hair Salon 5 Star Rating

I hardly ever get my hair cut b/c my hair is brittle and long and curly and just hard to manage. I went here with a groupon and she was the first stylist who didn't freak out when they saw my split ends! It's a very austin-y place and she runs it independently with one other lady. When i went there, i didn't know what i wanted to do with my hair except cut it all off b/c it was so dead from swimming for a semester, but there weren't any styling books. However, she knew exactly what she wanted to do with it. She shampooed my hair and then went all-out in cutting/styling. You can tell she is very experienced and knows exactly what she is doing -and she HAS been doing it most of her life. And this isn't just a hair CUT, it's a complete styling -unlike other places I've been where i could pretty much do what they did. She completely flips and arranges and cuts all of your hair to fit into the style. I usually don't like people to cut my bangs b/c they tend to mess it up, but asking that with her was not an option! Lol ... Show Full Review 

Kate - Jan 19, 2012 Kate Reviews Cut Loose & Gives 5 Star Rating

I've lived in 13 states and gone to more stylists that I'd care to admit. I truly have never had a better haircut. Janice is freaking fantastic. I told her what I had in mind and that I wanted to look like a rock star and BAM. I feel hot with this haircut! I don't even need to use a flat iron anymore. Blow dry and go. The haircut took a little longer than a normal haircut, but it was totally 100% worth it. The salon is small but super clean and the price is ridiculously affordable for her level of expertise. I've found my Austin stylist!  

stratslayer ‎ - Sep 11, 2011 Austin Salon -- Cool Salon In UT Area

I get my hair cut at Cut Loose by Janice, one of the two hairstylists there. She's a professional at what she does and it shows in her attention to detail. She will cut your hair the way YOU want it but will also give advice and suggestions if I'm not sure what might look good. She's fun, too! A straight, down-to earth person. She tells it like it is! Cut Loose is located in a cute little wood frame house in the middle of Austin; it's very..."Austintacious" in it's decor and appearance. Quite cool! Can't think of a better place to get a haircut!!  

kazlin ‎ - Aug 23, 2011 Central Austin Salon

You know you are someplace special from the moment you drive up. The outside is cool, urban, totally Austin, draws you in and makes you want to hang out. When you step inside and meet Janice (the most creative person I have ever met.....yes, she designed and implemented the outside decor) and visit with her you just know you have found the hair dresser you have always been looking for! Cut Loose is that place you want to tell everyone about and at the same time keep all to yourself but a place this special deserves to be shared. BEST HAIRCUT OF MY LIFE!!!! I love my haircut, my husband loves my haircut, all my friends love my haircut! Thank you Janice so much for listening and understanding what I wanted when I wasn't sure myself. You are the best!  

Texastrack - Apr 9, 2012 Hair Salon Reviewed 78705

Phenomenal cut! Janice did wonders with my hair! - Apr 12, 2012 Another 5 Star Review

Janice intuitively knew what sort of hair cut would look best on me, and which would be easiest for me to take care of. She was very straight forward in her approach, which i appreciate in a beautician. She is also very relaxed and easy-going. She didn't pressure me into buying a bunch of expensive products. I enjoyed my experience there.

Jake A. - May 4, 2012 Austin's Best Kept Hair & Beauty Salon Secret Gets Reviewed

Easy to talk to and I got the perfect haircut, which is usually difficult with the thick mop Of hair I have. Great price for a very skilled stylist, it really shows in her work that this is her passion.


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Victoria V. Austin Hair Salon Cut Loose Get another 5 Star Review

7/1/2014 I am always terrified to let anyone new touch my hair and after experiencing multiple terrible haircuts since I moved to Austin I was a little hesitant to go but I am sure glad I did! By far the best haircut I have ever had! Janice has the ability to make you feel comfortable and with the awesome music she has playing in the background it's hard not to loosen up. I have finally found what I was looking for in a hair salon and will definitely be a repeat customer!

Amanda E. Hair Salon in Austin Cut Loose get another 5 star review on yelp.  Cut Loose Hair Salon welcomes new customers

5/8/2014 This salon is perfect if you want to get an amazing hairstyle and awesome conversation. I called late in the afternoon and Janice set up an appointment for me that day. Janice is a well experienced and talented hair stylist. She took the time to let me tell her what I wanted and talked me through the details and what she was going to do to achieve the look that I wanted. She was very friendly and fun to talk to. I loved how she treated me like I was an important client and not just some random walk in like most salons that I've been to have. She really is an expert and did an amazing job. I recommend her to anyone who really cares about the quality of their hair.

Cindy A. Hair Salon IN Dowtown Austin Rates 5 stars on Yelp

2/18/14 First let me start by saying that I'm very picky in who cuts my hair. I've been living in Austin for almost 4 years now and within those years I've only had my hair cut 3 times. Yikes! ( I know) I just had a hard time finding a salon that could cut my hair the way I wanted it.. Well, I have great news I officially found my new hairstylist! Thanks to Janice, I love my hair! She was so welcoming, awesome and she just has a great personality. She focuses on you & your hair the entire time. I loved my haircut, I must say this place is awesome and not to mention her salon is adorable and very cute! I will absolutely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great haircut!

Sarah T. Hair Salon central downtown austin gets another 5 star review on yelp.

2/1/2014 I took a chance and went to Janice for my first haircut in Austin (we just moved here). I picked mainly by proximity to our house and I lucked out! Janice gave me a great cut - she clearly listened when I talked about my hair. She was also super friendly and instead go the usual banal chitchat, we had a good talk about our hometowns (which are a stone's throw apart), Austin and her neighborhood. I will definitely be a regular!

Ollie M. Hair Salon Austin rated with 5 stars on yelp

1/21/14 I have never had a constant hair dresser in my entire life because I'm so picky with my hair, but I just got my hair cut by Janice for the second time and I couldn't recommend this place enough! Not only does she give you the cut you want but she clearly knows what she's doing and made my hair work perfectly for me. She's super friendly and makes it an overall enjoyable experience. I couldn't be more happy and am definitely going back.

Magda A. Hair Salon Austin Reviewed By Magda On Yelp

1/20/14 This morning I searched Yelp for a hair stylist to do an impromptu trim for me. Most salons are closed on Monday and so I was super thankful when Janice answered the phone and said she could take me on. She could have shrugged me off, seeing as that she lives so far away. But she booked me an appointment without hesitation -- it's so refreshing when someone cares that much about their work/business! Janice was talkative and friendly, which put me at ease. She listened to my routine and the problem areas that I wanted to tackle (i.e. growing out my bangs). Hands down, best haircut I've had in ages. My hair is usually lifeless by the end of a blow-dry but this cut gave it so much natural volume. I was happy when I left but I'm ecstatic now after styling it the way I normally do (curling iron). Janice really listens! I'll definitely be coming back.

Amanda P. Mens Haircuts Womens Haircuts Austin Hair Salon

9/18/13 Love my haircut by Janice. She sits down and talks with you about what you are wanting to do. She taught me so many tips to help with the way I maintain my hair. Very nice and friendly!! I will be going back :)

Kate R. Mens Haircut Salon Austin TX Reviews

Great little place in an excellent location (I suggest taking Lamar all the way over to 34th to avoid Campus traffic). Janice is awesome...and the only person I trust in Austin now. She allows me to keep my hair long (even though it should be cut shorter to be healthy)!!!! She has taught me a number of tips to "Save" my hair from the heat stress I put it through (blow dryer, straightner, etc.) and all of them have worked. She notices the improvement every time I come in. Friendly, funny, great music...all in all, an excellent place to go get your hair did! :)

Klyo M. Austin Haircut Reveiw

4/4/13 I meant to write this review a loooong time ago. I had recently moved to Austin and found Janice via Groupon. How lucky! Her salon is super cute and she did a fantastic job. She is highly skilled, listens to what you want and gives great suggestions. She is very thorough and very friendly! You can tell she takes a lot of pride in her work. Janice deserves 10 stars! :)

Jeff B. Hair Salon In Austin TX 78705 Gets Rave review for mens haircut.  Mens Haircut!men reviewed

11/21/12 Janice is the BEST!! I am very picky about who I let cut my hair and took a chance on Cut Loose based on Yelp since I recently moved to Austin. Boy did I luck out, she totally listened to what I wanted to do (maintenance cut) and then showed me some simple tips to maintain the styling I want! First time that I have a cut that I can wear sans-product, right out of the shower and even let air dry while biking to campus. Added bonus, Janice is a long time Austin local so she gave me some great tips about the music scene As long as I live in Austin I will not let another soul touch my hair, she's that good.

Patty G. Hair Salon UT 78705 Get 5 Stars On Yelp

12/21/12 I have been having my hair cut by Janice for over a year now and it still looks great every time. I actually get compliments from total strangers. Trust that that has never happened before meeting Janice. My hair looks great and I barely have to comb it.

Katie M. Hair Salon in Austin Get Another Positive Review

12/20/12 Janice makes me feel like a rock star. Her haircuts last forever. She's intuitive - knows to stop cutting/cut more just by your body language or expression - so she never gives you a cut you don't love. I found her on a Groupon last year and have been going back ever since. She's fun, real, affordable and a skilled stylist who studied under Paul Mitchell himself. Just don't steal my appointment time!

Thanh-Tu N. Hair Salon 78705 UT Austin Get good Reviews

11/19/12 I got my haircut from Janice as part of Groupon Deal. I recommend her not only for the skills she has, but because she listens. Since I have thinner hair than most, I know a lot of hairstylist that want to make you feel really self-conscious and to crawl in a hole, but she never made me feel that way. She was encouraging, understood what I wanted, and had the fun personality that made this experience worth returning to. She's also good for people who are hyper sensitive when it comes to short bangs/ cutting off too much, she will physically show you how much she's about to cut off. Good work, Janice!

Carolyn H. Great haircut review.  Cut Loose Hair Salon

10/8/2012 I absolutely LOVE every part of my hair! I found this lovely, petite salon when my parents and I went to Foodhead's. My sister and I were moving into a new place on 32nd at the time, so we wanted to find a close place to eat. Since all parking in the front was taken, we decided to park in the back. When I saw Cut Loose, I thought it was a new salon. So, I planned on trying it when I needed to get my hair done again. When I scheduled for an appointment, both Tracy and Janice listened to me and found the closest availability for me. Another thing about me, I have always wanted to go strawberry blonde. I have done different versions like SUPER strawberry blonde and a papaya color-not-so-strawberry blonde. The other salons where I got these done did a great job, but did not get the color exactly right. However, when I went to see Tracy, she knew instantly what I was talking about. Tracy knows so much about hair(her hair color was gorgeous) and she does a GREAT job. I bet any of her regular clients can tell you that themselves. Oh! And did I mention she is a friendly person? She makes sure you get what you want and that you are 100% satisfied. I have nothing negative to say about this place. I have NEVER received as many compliments on my hair as I have with this new style. Okay-when I went from light brown to almost bleach blonde, I had many comments (both good and bad). All in all, you will definitely see me here again! I HIGHLY recommend this salon, for any age group!

Flora B. Austin, TX Hair Salon In Austin very nice haircut reviews

10/5/2012 For the first time in probably 5 years, I have gone back to a stylist. Mess up my hair and I'm not going to give you another chance to do it again. And once again, I walked away a happy camper..... Love you Janice!! Mwah!

Holly D. Austin, TX Austin Hair Salon Reviews From Yelp

9/15/12 I have walked by this bright, beautiful hair salon every morning for the past few years and had always thought I should give it a try. I was not expecting to find such a bright, beautiful hair stylist to go along with the salon! Janice is a joyful, energetic person and she is quite skilled at making you feel right at home in her cozy, tucked away salon. Even at 9 am on a Saturday morning, she made me feel as if I had known her for years, which is quite a feat that early on a weekend. She listened to my description of how much work I put into styling my long hair (zero minutes ;) ) and assured me she knew exactly what to do. She delivered effortlessly! My hair feels healthy and looks great. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for a beautiful cut from an experienced, kind hearted hair stylist! I look forward to getting my hair cut by her in the future! Thank you Janice :)

Flora B. Austin, TX Austin Hair & Beauty Salon Review by a happy client Flora B.

7/26/12 - It's been a long time coming. Trying to find a stylist who would listen to what I want, what I don't want, actually look at the hair she's cutting and take into consideration the texture and thickness was proving to be an impossible task. Too many salons are filled these days with cookie cutter type stylists who treat you and your hair just like everyone else's (are you listening JR's? Probably not.) Arrogance and poor people skills are abundant in Austin salons. I have had really long hair lately primarily because I couldn't find stylist who I could trust to not screw it up and had grown weary of paying $50 to $60 for crappy cuts. A friend had a groupon for the Cut Loose Salon and afterwards really liked her cut. When she told me how the stylist actually asked her questions and then *gasp* LISTENED to her replies, I knew I had to check it out. At my appointment I spoke with the stylist, Janice, and expressed my reservations about hair cuts in general and that I was looking to simplify my hair care regimen. I didn't want to blow-dry anymore and wanted to have a cut that would make the best of the waves. I wanted style that utilized my hair's natural tendencies; something that would look good with minimal muss and fuss. Janice gave me options, discussed the cut as she progressed, and in the end told me if I needed adjustments to the cut in the next week, to just let her know. I've now washed my hair twice and have not blow dried. My hair is still adjusting to not having the curl forced out of it, but even in this adjustment period I can tell the cut is going to work beautifully. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. Thank you, Janice!! It's a small salon with only 2 chairs, but the level of activity and traffic belies that. This is a salon that reflects the Austin I know and don't see nearly as often as I used to. Good music, lots of laughter, just enough funk and not a lot of pretense. (Is it me or is Austin getting really, really pretentious??)

Lynne L. Austin, TX Lynee Reviews Austin Hair & Beauty Salon

6/14/12 - Oh my gosh. I've been to literally 6 different hair salons since I've moved to Austin, the next one worst than the last. One time I almost cried giving my credit card to the clerk because I was so upset that I was paying over $60 for an awful trim. But I came to Cut Loose, mainly because I really needed someone to fix my hair after going to Tony and Guy just a few weeks earlier (um, 90 bucks for a 5 second trim? right, okay). I had a groupon to Cut Loose and it was such a great location, about 3 miles away from my place. I figured I had nothing to lose. After my trip, I will say this - I am never trying another salon in Austin. Janice is so impossibly nice, and she knows how to LISTEN! I didn't even know what I wanted, but after chatting a little, SHE knew what I wanted just based on my personality. So I let her do her thing, and I am just super happy with my hair. She didn't put much product in it because I told her that I rarely ever do so. She cut my bangs not according to what would look good at the time, but according to my active lifestyle, which I really appreciated. And she doesn't just put a bunch of stuff in your hair and try to sell, sell, SELL hair products like other places, which can really take away from the experience. She's very genuine and you can tell how much she just loves what she does, and she'll do anything to make sure you're happy with your hair. Finally, someone who GETS how much a good attitude and sincerity can make your day, and doesn't just treat you like a head of hair. I can't rant enough about how great I feel about going to Cut Loose. What a fantastic experience!!!!

Patty S. Austin, TX Austin Hair Salon Gets another postive review by Patty

8/19/12 - Janice did a great job with my hair. She actually listened to what I said and did it! Went back for a second visit and remembered everything! I will return!

Beckey H. Manor, TX Hair Salon In Austin Reviewed By Beckey In Manor TX

8/14/12 - Let me start by saying WOW! Janice is amazing! I have long, very fine hair with no volume. I hadn't had a hair cut in almost 2 years because I was tired of walking in and having the stylist say "OK, what do you want done?" I never know so I end up just getting a trim. Janice was the exact opposite! She sat me down and starting asking questions about me and my lifestyle. She "played" with my hair for a minute or so and then started making suggestions on how she could add volume. I trusted her right away! I told her to do what she felt was best. She explained what she was doing as she did it. Janice is a genuine Austin jewel. My husband (of 31 years) usually doesn't notice when I get a haircut, but he did yesterday! He said, "your hair looks great! That's the best haircut you've ever had!". That said a lot about Janice's talent! I also liked that she didn't pressure me to buy any products! One more thing, the music was great!

Meagan B. Austin, TX Austin Salon 5 Star Review by Meagan

7/26/12 - I found Janice through a groupon she was offering. I have very curly hair, past shoulders and desperately needed a healthy trim. I checked out reviews online and saw that several curly haired people were very happy with her. Well I couldn't be happier! First of all, even without a groupon she is very reasonably priced ($50 approximately). She has experience with Paul Mitchell and has curly hair herself. She believes in Paul's philosophy, which is to give a style based on hair type, texture, and the individual's personality. I told her what I wanted and completely understood that I wanted to keep the length. She is so friendly, funny and easy to talk to. Great music was always playing in the background too. She suggested some products to me, but didn't try to sell me anything. She also didn't force me to make an appointment, just said to come back in 3 months (or longer if I wanted to). I have only lived in Austin for a year and am so happy to finally have a hair stylist I trust and love! Thanks Janice!

Susan H. Austin, TX Hair Salon Central Austin Review Susan H.

6/30/12 - Tracy is the best I've been to in Austin ever. Very talented stylist and just about anything you need or want, she listens to what you would like and asks questions, offers suggestions if you like. Never had a problem. Highly recommend. Used Tracy at this shop for a long time.

Bill N. Austin TX Bill reviews Janice at CutLoose Hair Salon

6/16/12 - Janice is the best on town.

Jake A. Austin TX Austin Hair Salon Review Jake A 5/4/2012

5/4/12 - Easy to talk to and I got the perfect haircut, which is usually difficult with the thick mop Of hair I have. Great price for a very skilled stylist, it really shows in her work that this is her passion.

Laura M. Austin, TX Hair Salon in Central UT Austin gets great reviews.

4/24/12 - I got a shampoo, cut and blow dry for a good price. Janice seems like a very nice lady and she did a great job on the cut. I don't trust many with my hair because they usually cut too much off, but I liked what Janice did. Thanks! Laura M.

Patty G. Cambridge, MA CutLoose Yelp Review

3/8/12 - I went to Cut Loose because I had a groupon and felt that I could use a cut. I Met with Janice and she asked about what I thought I wanted, my hair care routine..etc. . She asked if i wanted my natural curl emphasized. Sure. WOW!! I have always had lame hair. My whole damn life. With this new cut my hair looks great and I barely have to use a comb. She cut off a lot of hair but it looks like I have more. Everyone thinks that I am curling it or got a perm. They say that I look stylish. HAHAH! I do next to nothing and it always looks great. I cant believe that in forty eight years that I have been unable to find someone that knew how to cut my hair. Until now. Thanks Janice!!! 

Sara G. Austin, TX Another 5 Star Rating For Cut Loose Salon, Austin TX 78705

3/3/12 - Janice is AMAZING!  I came to her with a hair-tastrophe; I had decided to take my hair in my own hands and had royally messed it up.  I went to Janice in a frenzy and she got me in immediately; my knight in shining armor.  I had no idea what I wanted so I pretty much gave her free reign to work her magic.  I am more than pleased.  I have never loved a haircut as much as I love this one and I never dreamed that she would be able to transform the rats nest I had created into something fantastic.  She truly is the most amazing hair stylist I have ever been to.  I completely recommend her! 

Marisa Z. Austin, TX Austin Hair Salon Review Rating

2/22/12 - Janice does an amazing job cutting my hair!  She listens attentively to what I want before every hair cut.  She also offers very helpful suggestions to ensure a fabulous cut and style. She also really pays attention to the details. She has been around for years and is truly a pro at what she does.  She clearly loves her job and cares about her clients.   In the past when going to other stylists, my hair would look good right after being cut, but never look the same after.  With Janice I get a style that stays looking great.   I would definitely recommend her!   As a big bonus- prices are also very reasonable.  The salon is also super cute and in a centrally located spot!

Ashley K. Austin, TX CutLoose In Austin Get Another Review, Call (512) 467-0676 To Book Your Appointment Today

1/3/12 - Janice was amazing! This is one of the best haircuts I have ever had! She was able to fit me in the same day I called. She was quick but thorough and took the time to understand my hair. I love my haircut and I would recommend her to anyone!

Danielle R. Austin, TX Yelp Review For Austin Hair Salon Cut Loose

12/30/11 - I just got my haircut there today with Janice. I have long hair that lacks volume. I've tried various salons in Austin, and when I saw a Groupon for this place I gave it a shot. I wanted movie star hair that had layers, angles in the front, and plenty of volume while keeping my hair long. Janice washed my hair with great products, then used a leave in conditioner that made my hair super soft. Besides restoring my hair with great products, she gave me the best haircut I have ever had! It was just what I asked for and it looked amazing! I think I'm going to stick with Janice from here on out. She does a very good job and is affordable. Couldn't be happier!

Natalie M. Austin, TX Natalie Likes Cut Loose Hair Salon In Austin TX

12/27/11 --- I went to get my hair cut at Cut Loose today after using a Groupon. Once there, Janice was very friendly  and welcoming. I decided that I wanted to color it as well since I had messed up the coloring myself at home. She was more than willing to fit me in between her other appointments since we had not planned to color prior. She took her time, did not rush the process and did a very good job. The cut was more than I expected and she knew just the kind of style I would like. I'm am glad to say that I found a hairstylist in Austin and will be a returning customer. I recommend checking out this trendy- hidden- gem.

Jim W. Austin, TX Austin Salon - Cut Loose Get a nother good review by Jim W.

12/14/11 --- This is a great little salon in a cute little house centrally located in Austin. Janice, the one (of the two) ladies who cut my hair, did the cut exactly as I asked. She's a wiz with those scissors! I have no reason NOT to come back here for my next cut. Thank you!

Evangelina P. Austin, TX CutLoose Hair Salon Austin TX (512) 467-0676

12/14/11 --- I stopped by on a whim,  a little hesitant to let someone new cut my hair but I'm new in town so I took a chance.  Chances are worth taking!!! I love my haircut, thank you Janice, I have found my new stylist.

Jamie H. Austin, TX Austin Hair Salon Review For Cut Loose

10/11/11 --- Great place, Tracy always does a wonderful job! close to UT

Sharon R. Austin, TX Review For Cut Loose Austin's Best Kept hair & Beauty Salon Secret!

9/1/11 --- For practically as long as I can remember, Tracy has done my hair -- and I've always had compliments, so I can't imagine going to anyone else! Many thanks, Tracy! Sharon R.

Pipper R. Austin, TX Austin Hair & Beauty Salon Secret Get Reviewed On Yelp

8/13/11 --- This is the best haircut I have ever had.  The atmosphere was comfortable and the service was professional.

Cut Loose Hair Salon   Rating: 4.8 out of 5 based on 51 reviews between this review page and the testimonial page.

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  Cut Loose Hair Salon 612 B West 34th St. Austin TX 78705 (512) 467-0676  
  CutLoose Austin Hair Salon In Austin TX 78705 TX (512) 467-0676  
  CutLoose Hair Salon In Austin TX 78705 TX (512) 467-0676  
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5 out of 5 stars Reviewer: Pattie G. - March 8, 2012